Music Subscription Services

Music subscription sites provide customers with access to millions of songs. There are two types of music subscriptions and they differ by how much music you can download and whether you get to keep the songs after cancelling the service.

eMusic subscription service support Apple products including iPod, iTouch and iPhone. Both services offer DRM-free mp3 song downloads. Not only are they yours to keep even after you cancel but you can do with them as you please. Burn them to cd, listen on mp3 player, portable device or home audio system. For this reason both services are ideal for those wanting to own the music they download without paying iTunes prices.

Napster offers unlimited streaming access + 5 DRM-free song downloads for $5 a month. That's a really good value and the 5 songs you download to keep can be played on most any mp3 player including iPod. Rhapsody offers unlimited streaming with options to listen on PC or mp3 players (excluding Apple products). While Rhapsody provides a great service their prices are above the competition. For example monthly streaming access (Rhapsody Unlimited) is $12.99. The same service from Napster costs $5. With Napster you get to keep 5 song downloads a month without any catch. With Rhapsody if you ever decide to cancel the subscription you will no longer be able to play the songs you downloaded. They do this through the use of digital rights management (DRM) which s a recording industry requirement. There are also some mp3 players (iPod included) that will not work with Rhapsody. Zune Marketplace also offers an unlimited option that is only compatible with the Zune player.

Subscription Servvice
eMusic eMusic gives you access to over 10 million mp3 song downloads. They charge per song but offer plans ranging from 30 to 75 songs a month as low as $.27 a song. eMusic is our Editors' Choice winner for "Best Subscription Service".
SuperPass SuperPass is a subscription service that offers song downloads and other premium content including Internet radio, RealPlayer Plus, movies, online tv, digital photo prints, games, virus protection and more.
Napster Napster offers unlimtied on demand access to over 7 million songs and 5 DRM-free song downloads for $5 a month. Play those 5 songs on any MP3 player including iPod or iPhone.
Rhapsody Rhapsody's offers unlimited access to over 6 million songs along with a 14 day free trial. Listen via PC or copy music to your MP3 player.
mTraks mTraks is similar to eMusic in that they charge by song and offer monthly plans as low as $.27 a song. However, they do not offer as many songs to choose from.
Zune Marketplace Zune Marketplace offers Zune owners unlimited downloads of over 3 million songs for under $15 a month. They offer quality services but only support Microsoft Zune devices.