Song Download Sites

Song download sites give you the opportunity to pick and choose from millions of songs and albums. Some tracks include DRM protection while others are free of restrictions. These services vary from music subscription services that offer unlimited downloads. Note: Rhapsody and Napster also offer music subscriptions.

When looking at song download sites eMusic stand out among the crowd. They offers over 6 million DRM-free Mp3 downloads as low as $0.42 a song. All songs are playable on MP3 or portable audio devices including iPod and Zune. Amazon MP3 provides access to over 2 million DRM-free Mp3 songs playable on almost any MP3 or portable audio device. For those with iPods, Apple iTunes provides a one stop shop for music, movies, audiobooks and more. They offer a library of 6 million DRM-protected songs along with 1 million or so DRM free downloads. Wal-Mart Music carries around 1 million l DRM free song and album downloads. mTraks is similar to eMusic but offers a smaller collection of songs. Napster and Rhapsody also offer per song downloads in which you own the tracks. Lets take a closer look at the song download services.

Song Download Service
eMusic eMusic offers access to over 6 million tracks from 27,000+ independent labels. Song downloads are Mp3 format,
DRM-free and yours to keep. Burn CD's. Play on any Mp3 player including iPod. They offer 50 free songs to get you started. eMusic is our Editors' Choice winner for "Best Song Download Site".
Amazon offers DRM free music from $.89 a track and $5.99 per album. All music is DRM free, 256 kbps bit rate and supports about any MP3 player or portable audio device including iPod and Zune players.
mTraks mTraks offers over 1 million mp3 song downloads from $.27 a track. All music is DRM free, 192 kbps bit rate and supports MP3 players including iPod and Zune.
Wal-Mart Music Wal Mart music downloads offer simllar services to Amazon. They offer 1.5 million DRM free tracks that can be downloaded and played on MP3 players including iPod.
iTunes For iPod owners iTunes offers it all. From their huge library of over 6 million songs to movies, TV shows, audio books and more.
Rhapsody Rhapsody offers single songs for $.99 and you then own the track. Both Rhapsody and Napster now offer DRM free individual song downlaods.
Napster Along with unlimited music download services Napster also offers DRM free individual song downloads for $.99.