Record Streaming Audio

Internet radio and music services are great for providing access to millions of songs but what if you want to record the streaming music? This is where the software below comes into play. Do you have records and tapes you would like to preserve? The software below will help you move the music over to CD or digital format and optionally enhance the sound quality.

Record high quality MP3's as you listen to your favorite music services. Not only will you end up with with music, the tracks will be split and tagged for future use. Applian Technologies has developed some great tools to record streaming audio including Replay Music and Replay AV. They also offer Freecorder Toolbar for basic recording. Screamer Radio is another good tool for recording Internet radio streams.

Many of us still have records (LP's) and tapes that we want to preserve. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab and RCH Golden Records allows you to transfer your music to CD and even improve the sound quality if you like.

Many people including us wondered about the legal implications of recording audio. The "Fair Use" law allows you to record your own music as long as you don't redistribute it to others. The bottom line is only record music you have paid for and then don't redistribute it.

Replay Music Replay Music records high quality MP3's from Internet radio and music subscription services. Once recorded the tracks are automatically extracted and tagged with artist, song title, album and genre for easy use. Download the Replay Music free trial and record up to 25 tracks.
Replay AV Record Internet radio including Live365, Sirius and XM. Download and convert songs in one step. Schedule and simultaneously record shows. Download the Replay AV free trial and record up to 5 minutes of audio per session to test the product.
Freecorder Freerecorder Toolbar records what you hear through your PC speakers. It runs in your web browser and works with any sound card. Record audio from microphone or line-in PC inputs. Best of all Freerecorder is a free download.
Screamer Radio in a free Windows Internet radio player that also allows recording. It supports Shoutcast and Icecast MP3 streaming. Search through the database of available stations and record what you're listening to.
Magix Audio
Cleaning Lab
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab allows you to transfer your favorite records and tapes over to CD or DVD. Optionally improve sound quality of original recordings. Save those LP's and tapes to digital files to enjoy for years to come.
Golden Records Convert those vinyl records and cassette tapes over to CD, WAV or MP3 files. Audio restoration tools help you improve sound quality while you record. Golden Records even includes a CD burning software for burning the audio files.