Napster Review


- Access to over 7 million songs
- Search by title, artist, album, genre
- Unlimited sreaming + 5 downloads
- iPod / iPhone compatible
- $5 Napster Unlimited Special

Napster offers unlimited access to over 7 million legal music downloads along with videos and Internet radio. The service is offered to customers in the US, Canada, UK and Germany. Napster offers a 7 day free trial to all new customers.

Napster started out in 1999 as a file sharing service. Users would download and share music and other files. They led the way for future decentralized peer to peer file sharing programs. Copyright suits brought the service down in 2001. Since then Napster has reinvented itself as a legal music download service. In fact in 2008 Best Buy purchased Napster and is working hard to make them the premier online music service.

Napster offers an excellent collection of legal music downloads with over 7 million songs. Subscribers have unlimited access to their entire online music collection. Search and download music based on song title, artist, album or genre.

Napster offers a collection of over 7 million songs to download. They are formatted as Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. This adds compression and higher sound quality at lower bit rates compared to MP3 files. Napster music downloads consist of 192 kbps bit rate while the streaming rate is 32 kbps.

Napster allows you to search for music by song title, artist, album and genre.

In a bold move Best Buy is offering Napster unlimited on demand access plus five downloads a month for only $5. Napster also offers a Pay Per Song service that allows you to download and burn music for $0.99 a track. Methods of payment include credit / debit card and PayPal.

Napster supports almost all MP3 players now including iPod and iPhone. The new service offers unlimited on demand music plus 5 DRM-free MP3 downloads.

Napster uses Windows Media Audio (WMA) for DRM protection. This allows you to download and listen to music as long as you subscribe to the service. Afterwards all downloads become unusable. As an alternative you can buy any song for $0.99 and own it without the restrictions. Subscribers also get 5 free song downloads a month.

Napster's media player is compatible with Windows Vista and XP.

Napster offers toll free phone support at 866-620-1137.

Bottom line - Napster offers unlimited access to a huge library of music (over 7 million songs) and support for portable devices including Apple's iPod and iPhone. Services are offered in several countries which tops other providers. Sign up for the Napster $5 unlimited account and start downloading in minutes.